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Term of Use

You must read and agreed to the following terms and conditions before using this site. User that accesses the site www.ipapa.co.id automatically accepted and obey to the requirement and regulation below.

The www.ipapa.co.id is managed by PT.ZMG Telekomunikasi Servise Indonesia and users deemed to read and agree to the terms and conditions and it is not limited to the Privacy, FAQs and other titles. These cannot be separated with the terms and conditions and it includes the references and terms utilization. The following terms and conditions could be changed, modified, and deleted without early information.

The requirements must read consecutively by the Ipapa users and continued with the application of the site after the modification of the terms and condition,thus the visitors, the users, and the registered users (“you” or “user”), are agree with the modification of the sites. If users utilize other services provided by us the terms and conditions apply to the specific services.

1. Site Operation

Ipapa and PT. ZMG Telekomunikasi Servise Indonesia have full authorities to control the website. Ipapa could change, modify, swap, transform, delete, and hold anything that is occurred in a website for the securities and optimization of the website performance or in anecessary or emergent situation it is called force majeure in law term. A user is only able to utilize and access the ipapa.co.id site for the purpose under the law without breaking it. If the violation is found, Ipapa and PT. ZMG Telekomunikasi Servise Indonesia are not responsible for the inconveniences as a result of user utilizations. The user under 18 years old must be accompanied by parents or older person to access the Ipapa.co.id sites. The inconveniences done by the under age users whose are not accompanied by parents or older person are not the responsibility of the Ipapa or PT. ZMG Telekomunikasi ServiseIndonesia.

2. The utilization prohibition

You agree to utilize the site and contents without breaking the law or any deeds without license. You agree to utilize the tools, software, or any technology that able to hindrance or any effort to hindrance the performance and system of this site. You agree to not utilize the site and contents for any commercial purpose. You are agree to not perform any effort, create nor perform any effort, search, delegate automatic agent or any form of technology to collect, assemble and obtain to scam this site. According to the terms and conditions of this site, you and user agree to utilize the site and it contents for personal purpose and not for commercial purpose, directly or indirectly, against the law, prohibited by the law, commercial or breaking the terms and conditions, except the with the note attached by Ipapa.co.id or PT. ZMG Telekomunikasi Servise Indonesia. You and users agree to not change, copy, share, deliver, display, apply, reproduce, announce, giving license, create derivative, diverse, or sell the and resell any information on the site, software, product, or service that are associated with the site. As an additional, you agree to:

1. Utilize the site or contents for commercial purpose without license from Ipapa or PT. ZMG Telekomunikasi Servise Indonesia.
2. Access, supervise or copy any contents using any technology, software, or program, manually or automatically for other purposes without license from Ipapa or PT. ZMG Telekomunikasi Servise Indonesia.
3. Apply any act that affect or able to affect the infrastructure of www.ipapa.co.id with any factious burden.
4. Create a main link for the site (including but not limited to the delivery line) for any purpose without a note from Ipapa orPT. ZMG Telekomunikasi Servise Indonesia.
5. Resell, apply, copy, supervise (e.g. attach a spider, scrape), display, download, reproduce every contents, software, products, services provided by the site for commercial purpose and action of business competition.
6. Create samples (“frame”, “Mirror”) or build a part of Ipapa site to the other sites without early agreement from Ipapa or PT. ZMG Telekomunikasi Servise Indonesia.
7. Deliver the announcement to or through the site beside Ipapa for against the law purpose under the valid law, or deliver announcement that could support the criminal act or cause a negative effect result to the www.ipapa.co.id or PT. ZMG Telekomunikasi Servise Indonesia.
8. Deliver and provide the link to other site or announce the materials that contain might lead to dangerous act such as; lewd, pornographic, impolite, violence, racism, discriminate, insult, threats, despise, hatred, improper.
9. Deliver or provide the links to the announcement that contain the vilification, lies, and denigration.
10. Deliver or announce against the intellectual rights or other rights of any particular corporation or personal, include but not limited to the copyright, privacy, publication, patent right.
11. Deliver the announcement prohibited by the law and do an act against the law to break the rights and obligation based on the contract.
12. Plagiary a person or corporation, fudge a situation, draw a wrong delineation about the affiliation of someone or corporation, faking the identity to mislead, lie or fraud. 13. Manipulate and faking with purpose to obscure the source of announcement to the public.
14. Utilize the www.Ipapa.co.id site to damage, paralyze, hamper, disturb the utilization of the site and other computer utilization, or cause the damage, disturbance, and limit the function of the software, hardware or any telecommunication devices.
15. Try to access the illegal utilization of Ipapa site or other concerned sites, other accounts, computer system, network connection, through hacking, stealing password, or any other acts that causes the threatening and dangerous result.
16. Obtain or try to obtain the materials or information through the methods that is not provided by the www.Ipapa.co.id (included but not limited the other purposes provided by the site), but not limited to obtain and collect information about other account email or any other media electronic.
17. Involve in a fraud or any act that aims to manipulate the search result on the search engine (SERP) in a terms that could be called as a Negative SEO or employ a Search Engine Optimization experts to contradict the search results. Negative SEO is unethical and it called “spamdexing” but not limited to the placenta, input meta-data to the Ipapaor website script or code HTML, title tag, contents scraping, link schemes, negative SEO (Search Engine Optimization), keyword searching, hidden texts, hidden links, spam comment or etc.
18. Take an act that could damage site, Ipapa, or other affiliation, including the employee and their reputation, Ipapa reputation, or any negative effect to the company.


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